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Face Mask Delivery

We are selling masks on a pre-order basis to meet the high demand and avoid waste and over-production. We have created shipping drops to help you check when your order will be shipped. You will find the drop number in the name of your purchased mask or you can check your order number below:

DROP 1 - Shipping in late May  (SHIPPED) - Orders 7960-8233
DROP 2 - Shipping in early June (SHIPPED) - Orders 8235-8880
DROP 3 - Shipping in mid June (SHIPPED) - Orders 8881-10598
DROP 4 - Shipping in early July (SHIPPED) - Orders 10601-11109
DROP 5 - Shipping in mid July (SHIPPED) - Orders 11110-13159
DROP 6 - Shipping in late July (SHIPPED) - Orders 13160-14056
DROP 7 - Shipping in late July (SHIPPED) - Orders 14057-15570
DROP 8 - Shipping in early August (SHIPPED) - Orders 15571-16199
DROP 9 - Shipping in early August (SHIPPED) - Orders 16200-16861
DROP 10 - Shipping in mid August (SHIPPED) - Orders 16862-17995
DROP 11 - Shipping in mid August (SHIPPED) - Orders 17996-18740
DROP 12 - Shipping in late August (SHIPPED) - Orders 18741-19304
DROP 13 - Shipping in late August (SOLD OUT) - Orders 19305-19993
DROP 14 - Shipping in late August (SELLING NOW)


We are working very hard to produce face masks for everyone and ship them on time. However, there might be slight delays with shipping companies due to lockdown restrictions. Thank you for your patience!

If you are having any problems with your order please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on customerservices@paisie.com