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We are working towards improving our social and environmental impact with the customers and production chain being the core of the business. Our goal is to create affordable fashion that does not compromise the quality and does no damage to anyone who has input. We aim to give every customer a great shopping experience and build the Paisie community - full of positivity and good energy. We are not perfect and we are learning from our mistakes.

We are a small independent brand with a studio in North London where our collections are designed. All Paisie garments are produced in small batches to avoid waste and overproduction. Fabrics and yarns are hand-picked in markets, always looking for a high standard and good price balance. We only work with the companies that have a good reputation and treat their workers fair.

Our production is taken care of by a small family-run factory in China. The workers are treated with respect, paid a fair wage and always given generous holidays (especially for the Chinese new year). We have been working with our factory for a very long time now and one of our creative directors visits the site regularly to make sure everything is up to standards, clothing production and working environment.

Our designs are free from AZO dyes and phthalates. AZO dyes are one of the main types of dye used by the textile industry. They are known to be potential carcinogens. Our factory in China follows the government guides and regulations since the AZO dye ban in 2002. We do not use any fur in our designs and we do not support animal cruelty.

We have been working with such charities as Traid and Norwood for a couple of years now. We believe that pre-loved fashion has great importance and creates a possibility to support many good causes. We are also a part of the Depop community to make sure none of our produce is going to waste. Here we sell samples, old stock and items with minor faults at a reduced price. Visit our Depop page here.